Tiny Voice Talks Education

Developing an Enquiry/ Inquiry Mindset with Humera Riyaz

January 27, 2023 Toria Bono Season 6 Episode 4
Tiny Voice Talks Education
Developing an Enquiry/ Inquiry Mindset with Humera Riyaz
Show Notes

In this episode, Toria talks to Humera about enquiry/ inquiry based learning. Humera believes that for teachers to effectively teach in this way, they need to develop a mindset in which they are also enquiry driven. She feels that in order to do this, professional development should allow for a level of freedom, allowing educators to follow their fields of interest. Tune in to hear her talk about how she has embedded this approach at her school and continues to find new ways to develop both the staff and children.

Humera is a Primary Years Programme (PYP) coordinator at the Indian Public school. Connect with her on LinkedIn

More about the Primary Years Programme

The PYP offers a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and student-centered education with responsible action at its core, enabling students to learn between, across and beyond traditional subject boundaries.

The framework serves as the curriculum organizer and offers an in-depth guide to achieve authentic conceptual inquiry-based learning that is engaging, significant, challenging and relevant for PYP students.

Through the programme of inquiry and by reflecting on their learning, PYP students develop knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills and the attributes of the IB Learner profile. Informed by constructivist and social-constructivist learning theories, the emphasis on collaborative inquiry and integrative learning honours the curiosity, voice, and contribution of the students,

You can find out more about the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) here.

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