Tiny Voice Talks Education

International Teaching with Jess Gosling

July 16, 2021 Toria Bono Season 3 Episode 6
Tiny Voice Talks Education
International Teaching with Jess Gosling
Show Notes

In this episode Jess Gosling talks to Toria about international teaching. She details her own experiences, over 10 years working in four countries. We find out what motivated her to teach abroad and to flourish whilst there. Jess provides great insight and helpful suggestions for teachers considering a move abroad. She encourages teachers who are curious to research the lifestyle and schools thoroughly so as to really prepare for this incredible experience. Jess argues that if you are curious, take the leap as you can only grow and develop both professional and personally from teaching abroad.

Website: www.jessgoslingearlyyearsteacher.com 

Twitter: JessGosling2

Facebook Group: New to International School Teachers

Publication: Becoming a Successful International Teacher, a step-by-step guide to international teaching

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