Tiny Voice Talks Education

Investing Time in Ourselves with Balli Dail

September 24, 2021 Toria Bono Season 3 Episode 15
Tiny Voice Talks Education
Investing Time in Ourselves with Balli Dail
Show Notes

In this episode Toria talks with Balli Dail about driving your own professional development and seeking opportunities to improve your educator expertise.  

Balli Dail has been an educator for almost 20 years with teaching experience across all Key Stages from 1- 5 with a specialism and leadership experience in Key Stage 5. Her passion is for teaching Psychology and also collaborating on CPD with her colleagues.  

During the pandemic Balli reflected on her own gaps in CPD and this led to her reigniting that drive for self-improvement. She shares in this episode the significance of core values, infinite purpose, utilising resources and  networking opportunities that are available and taking ownership of your own career path. If educators and organisations invest in lifelong learning and represent a desire to improve then this will in turn reflect in the classroom by inspiring our students to do the same. 

“Success is modest improvement consistently done”  

Sean Fitzpatrick (All Blacks Legend and a great source for leadership lessons) 

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